Extreme watercolours!

I am just coming to the close of my second watercolour course at Mary Ward Centre which has been really great fun. We have looked at artists Maggi Hambling, Paul Klee and John Cage who all use watercolour in very different ways. Maggi Hambling reacts in the moment to say, a sunset and produces very direct and visceral paintings from nature. Paul Klee is more precise and likes to layer his watercolours which are beautiful and haunting. Whilst John Cage, who started life as a musician likes to use dice or the I Ching to make random paintings, letting the dice dictate what colours he uses or whether to use a piece of string dipped in paint or a feather or a pen.

All three techniques have been fascinating and I have loved every minute of it thanks to brilliant tutor Lucy Winterson. Here are some examples. The first two pieces were done in the style of John Cage where I randomly chose objects to lay on the paper and draw round in ink or watercolour with a variety of different implements. The second was my ironic homage to Donald Trump done in the style of Paul Klee!

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